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 I work for life! 

Come be #1of2500

We are AMED S/A, a company that shares a deep commitment to quality, innovation and, above all, to life. We are much more than a hospital textile products industry; we are an integral part of the journey that protects and cares for those who need it most.

Our motto, “Me working for life,” is more than a slogan; It’s a commitment that guides every aspect of our work. We understand the critical importance of our products in healthcare and recognize the responsibility that this entails. Therefore, we maintain rigorous quality standards, follow ethical practices and are dedicated to producing hospital textile products that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.

Come join us at AMED and be #1 of the 2500 collaborators of this #ForçaLaranja


We value diversity and inclusion.We are committed to providing opportunities for people with disabilities who want to be part of our team.


If you are a PWD and want a career at AMED, we are here to support your professional growth. Join us and be part of a team dedicated to mutual success.

Recruitment Programs

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Project aimed at young people Over 18 years, with no experience in the job market, who aspire to their first professional opportunity.

At AMED, we are committed to helping these young people identify their talents and skills, providing them with a solid foundation to build a successful career within our company.



A valuable opportunity for young people to kick-start their professional careers and have the chance to gain practical skills and essential industry knowledge. 


If you are a motivated young person looking for professional growth, this is your chance to take the first steps towards a promising career.

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